Also known as Datscon
Why "Friend Con" I go to cons. If you're reading this, you probably go to cons with me. At said cons, someone once said that it sucks that we see everyone only the once or twice a year, and that we should have a "Friend Con". I just took an even I was already doing that brought in all the people I knew and renamed it.

When is?
Between December 26th and January 2nd every year.

That's a long time for a party
No one is forcing you to stay. Show up when you want, leave when you want. I will warn you that His Magnificence Earl Whitehaven normally leaves the 31st.

What happens?
Whatever you want. The list of things includes:
  • LAN gaming
  • One singular game of Monopoly
  • Making of pies
  • Burgers with bacon ground into the patty and deep fried in bacon greese
  • Biscuits
  • Cooking other extravigant meals because we can
  • Whatever you can think of
  • Whatever else we think of.

I have access to a house somewhere north of Midland, MI. It's on a channel that freezes over. You can come and watch people from the south run around on the ice.

Can I come?
Probably. Ask me.

Why make a page when everyone that comes to this thing already knows all of this?
I need the practice typing out code.

What do we eat?
We go to the grocery store the night of and plan out the entire menu in the store. If you want to make a meal when we are up there, bring an idea and we can buy the stuff for it in the store.

Yes this costs money. I pay for the cabin and utilities and my fraction of food, you pay for your fraction. Groceries for the weekend are bought all at once, and split evenly at the register. Your portion may be more or less than someone elses depending on how long you are staying compared to someone else, if you're on a hunger strike, etc.. Personal food is paid for separately. You want five honey hams for yourself? Put them in the cart and use the self checkout when we leave.